General Services

A great majority of our surveying business has traditionally been providing services to our homeowner and contractor clients. However, we also understand the importance of our residential based clients, as well as their different needs, as their project requirements sometimes vary. Residential projects tend to be a more time sensitive, service oriented, and cost efficient business effort. In these types of projects, we work closely with the homeowner, architect, and/or contractor to ensure all project needs are met in a timely and detailed manner. It is our highest goal to offer the services that are necessary to satisfy the project needs of all real estate industries, in order to achieve the greatest value to each and every one of our customers.

CBG Surveying, Inc. has conducted various works which has implemented all aspects of surveying. Our staff constantly participates in the facilitation of surveys ranging from El Paso-Texarkana and Amarillo-Harlingen. Over time, we focused our coverage area to the Greater North Texas Region in order to offer the best possible service and value to our clients in areas we have the most knowledge, experience, and resources. For special requests, we will work in other areas not normally covered by our service area map and/or recommend another licensed, knowledgeable surveyor in that area, who can assist you with that particular surveying need. Our offices in North and East Texas allow us to offer one of the largest service area proximities in Texas, but we also have various solid, trust-worthy surveying relationships, all over the Great State of Texas, and are always willing to refer our clients to someone else, even for a particular job which we’re not physically involved. We feel this in just one small example of how CBG differs from the others.

General Services Include: (but are not limited to)

Topographic Surveys
Boundary Surveys
Easement Exhibit Surveys
Lot Line Adjustments
Construction Staking
Elevation Certificates
Property Subdivision
Certificate of Compliance
Tree Surveys
Residential Plot Plans

Final Surveys (with or without Grade and/or Drainage)
Beer and Wine/Mixed Food and Beverage Surveys
Vacant Lot Surveys (Lot Stake with drawing)
As-Built Surveys
Form Surveys
Deed Research
GPS Surveys
House Stake or House Envelope Stake
Pool Drainage Surveys
Platting and Re-Platting
Commercial Plot Plans